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A bioinformatics company with a focus on biology

Established in 2012, Applied Exomics is a consultancy and CRO providing bioinformatics support to biotech & pharma. Working with you to understand your business needs, strategy and scientific direction, Applied Exomics can help you bring together in-house and open data to maximise the value of your R&D.

Putting your experiments in context with the ‘bigger picture’, presenting the right biological context and ensuring that the data is informative for your people and processes means you can base your business decisions on the best information available.

data analysis

knowledge integration

biological context
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Specialists in biological data searching, integration and presentation to support R&D

Applied Exomics is focussed on functional genetics & proteins - bringing broad expertise in:
  • • gene/protein expression
  • • determining mechanism of action
  • • biomolecular modelling & simulation
  • • impact of variation on protein structure & function
  • • immunology & oncology
  • • networks & functional pathways
  • • identifying biomarkers & targets
  • • and in searching, integrating and visualising biological data

ex.o.mics: (eks-oh-miks) study of the exome - the subset of an organism's genome encoding protein.

Gene expression and proteomics helps us understand the state, tissue or disease-specific expression of the exome.

Focus on proteins - the product of the exome - leads to insight into biological context, mechanistic interactions, networks and pathways - and can lead to new applications, biomarkers or therapeutic targets

data analysis

Applied Exomics can provide data analysis support, whether that is implementing analysis of your raw data or helping you to interpret the results of analyses that have been provided to you by other suppliers. Together we can identify data gaps, and plan experiments that can get you the data you need. A wide range of data types can be handled, with analysis or pipelines built using anything from Excel to R, Knime, Cytoscape, Perl and Python.

knowledge integration

No matter what data you start with, whether lab-based assay results in Excel, the results of gene expression studies or target proteins from the literature – more layers of information can be added by retrieving biological data from public sources. Applied Exomics specialises in data mining from web-based sources and programmatic access to bioinformatic databases, and in producing data visualisations that assist your decision-making processes.

biological context

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics should always contribute towards a better understanding of biological context. Applied Exomics works with you and your data to ensure that the interpretation of data is relevant to the biological questions being asked. Keeping biology at the core facilitates data-driven experimental design that can directly inform your next-step processes - whether moving from gene-level data to modelled protein interactions that can be explored in vitro, or using ‘omics data to select appropriate in vitro or in vivo models.

The promise of growing our ideas using open data is exciting - but keeping sight of the biological context is critical


There is a great deal of biological data available in public databases, and Applied Exomics can help you make the best use of that resource for your own research. Most important is to be able to bring this data together in a way that adds value and biological context so that you can use it to make meaningful decisions.

Applied Exomics has developed an integrated data platform for exploring biological systems through annotated visualisation of protein interactions - all in a tissue-specific context based on baseline, cell line and PDX model expression data.

The oncology-focussed Waever platform is free to use (try it by clicking here or from the Tools menu).

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Applied Exomics was founded by Dr Lee Larcombe

My interdisciplinary background, spanning wet lab and bioinformatics, in both academia and industry gives me a unique perspective and enables me to connect and focus communities, people, ideas and data. (Background via LinkedIn)

With broad experience of biological data mining, integration and analysis, I have carried out computational projects for a range of global clients, large and small - across biotech, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. I have particular expertise in functional genetics, and data integration for the study of oncology and the discovery of novel targets - as well as structural bioinformatics and biomolecular modelling, useful in the development of bio-immunotherapeutics. (Publications via ORCID)

As well as owning Applied Exomics, I own nexaSTEM Ltd - a digital and data skills consultancy for the life science sector.
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As a consultancy & CRO Applied Exomics is always looking for new projects and partnerships

Find æ @ Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst:

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Please get in touch

We can work together on small, short projects or take a more strategic role in longer challenges. Building a relationship is important, flexibility is key and there is no "set menu" of services. If you would like to discuss working together, then please get in touch.

Applied Exomics has a physical presence at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst in Hertfordshire - and the æ office is situated just off the main atrium in the incubator building. A range of meeting facilities are available if you would like to visit, or drop in and see me if you are on site.

Applied Exomics also has a virtual presence at the Menai Science Park in North Wales.

If you would like to talk about working together, or to arrange a meeting at either site please the email below - I'm always happy to discuss how I can help with questions or analysis problems, or to put people in touch with experts who can help elsewhere.