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Modern biology is interdisciplinary. The challenge is to bring the right people together, with a shared language to foster collaboration and innovation

I (Lee Larcombe) formed Applied Exomics in 2012 as a consultancy and CRO providing bioinformatics support to biotech/pharma companies. My interdisciplinary background, spanning wet lab and bioinformatics, in both academia and industry gives me a unique perspective and enables me to connect and focus communities, people, ideas and data.

With broad experience of biological data mining, integration and analysis, I have carried out computational projects for a range of global clients, large and small - across biotech, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. I have particular expertise in functional genetics, and data integration for the study of oncology and the discovery of novel targets - as well as structural bioinformatics and biomolecular modelling, useful in the development of bio-immunotherapeutics. (Publications via ORCID)

As well as owning Applied Exomics, I own nexaSTEM Ltd - a digital and data skills consultancy for the life science sector.
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Find æ @ Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst:

Find æ @ Menai Science Park:

As a consultancy & CRO I am always looking for new projects and partnerships. We can work together on small, short projects or take a more strategic role in longer challenges. Building a relationship is important, flexibility is key and there is no "set menu" of services. If you would like to discuss working together, then please get in touch.

Applied Exomics has a physical presence at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst in Hertfordshire - and the æ office is situated just off the main atrium in the incubator building. A range of meeting facilities are available if you would like to visit, or drop in and see me if you are on site.

Applied Exomics also has a virtual presence at the Menai Science Park in North Wales.

If you would like to talk about working together, or to arrange a meeting at either site please the email below - I'm always happy to discuss how I can help with questions or analysis problems, or to put people in touch with experts who can help elsewhere.